Audi R8 GT 2012 List

audi r8

The Audi R8 is a supercar, but that doesn’t mean it’s uncompromising and hard-edged. It’s an incredibly capable performance machine, yet every bit as luxurious as it is sporting. The posh interior is loaded with electronics and bathed in leather and Alcantara. With Audi’s venerable 4.2-liter V8 providing the power, the R8 isn’t at all temperamental – as the notion of a supercar might suggest. And, with a Lamborghini-sourced V10 also available, the Audi R8 can better compete with its most obvious rival, the Porsche 911 Turbo, along with a number of exotic Italians as well.

Audi R8 GT gets an exclusive look

Audi says that many of the changes made to reduce the weight of the R8 GT also reduce the weight and enhance the aerodynamics. The Audi R8 GT produces even more downforce at high speeds than the standard production model – without any increase in the Cd value (0.36) or frontal area (21.42 sq ft).

audi r8

Under the Audi R8 GT sit 19-inch, twin five-spoke wheels with a Y design that are finished in a titanium color. the wheels are wrapped in 235/35/R19 rubber in the front with an 8.5-inch wide wheel, while the rear wheels are 11 inches wide and are covered in 295/30/R19 rubber. Audi says that upon request it can also fit 305/30R19 tires for the rear.

The grille is painted matte black, surrounded by a single frame which is finished in matte titanium gray – along with the struts and slats in the air intakes. The lower front splitter is double lipped and is made from carbon fiber. On either side of the front fascia you will find curved flics to help increase downforce over the front axle – which are also formed from carbon fiber.

audi r8

Audi R8 Interior

The Audi R8 interior is fairly simple, everything is limited to 2 main gauges and a small LED display between them. Everything I need to know is in front of me. Speed, RPM and whats on the radio :) . The steering wheel has controls for volume and channel/track switching on the audio system. Behind the nav screen is a DVD/CD player and slots for 2 SD memory cards that you can fill with MP3 music. Additionally an iPod dock was at the back of the car allowing easy sync with the on board control system. Being a 6’5? man, sports cars are often a bit of a joke for me. Even this one looks pretty small with me standing next to it but it surprisingly gave me enough leg room to be comfortable.

audi r8
What’s new for 2011 Audi R8?
For 2011, Audi adds an open-top Spyder model to its popular R8 supercar lineup. The Spyder is powered by the 525-hp 5.2-liter V10 found in the R8 5.2 coupe. The canvas top takes just 19 seconds to open or close and can be operated at speeds up to 31 mph. Prices for the R8 Spyder start at $161,000.

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