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There are two upcoming prequels that I am really skeptical about. The first is a prequel to The Thing, which I am kind of irked about because The Thing is one of my favorite movies, but who am I kidding, I'll probably go see it anyway. The second is a prequel to Alien. This is something that I just don't understand at all. How are you going to have an Alien movie without Ellen Ripley? I mean yeah, Sigourney Weaver wasn't in the Alien Vs. Predator movies, but I haven't seen either of them so they don't count. Of course, it is a prequel, so it wouldn't make sense to have Ripley in it, but I just think that the idea of doing a prequel to Alien is just ludicrous. So, anyways, Ridley Scott and Fox have been looking for a heroine, and here are some of the actresses I have heard that they've been choosing from...

Natalie Portman
Carey Mulligan
Olivia Wilde
Abbie Cornish
Anne Hathaway
Gemma Arterton
Noomi Rapace
Ok, so heres what I think about these potential casting choices for the Ripley-esque character in the Alien Prequel... I love Natalie Portman, but I don't think that this is the right kind of role for her, Carey Mulligan is too cutsie to be an action hero, so no, Olivia Wilde=NO NO NO, Abbie Cornish=maybe, I'm not really digging Anne Hathaway as a potential choice, Gemma Arterton=maybe, but I'm leaning towards no, Noomi Rapace=yes, yes, yes!!! Although I'm not too pleased that an Alien prequel is being made, I would definitely see it if it had Noomi Rapace in the lead! I loved her as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and I think that she would do great kicking some Xenomorph ass! I read online that she was their favorite choice for the role, so I hope that means that she gets it!!! If its not her, then I'd be down for Abbie Cornish, or MAYBE Natalie Portman or Gemma Arterton.
Also, I also read that James Franco might be in this movie as well....and I'm always down for seeing James Franco...

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