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The history of this country is very young compared to the ones that I have written about.
Established in 1963, the Federation of Malaysia, which originally included Singapore. But the federation was forced to let Singapore go as their was a concern that the majority of the population of Singapore would challenge the Malayan poliitical dominance. The small country of Brunei refused to join the federation.

The first ever prime minister of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahmanwas the man who thought it would be a good idea to form a federation, he was in power from 1963 – 1970. This federation caused suspicion in Indonesia, and a conflict began in Borneo between Indonesia and Malaysia which created a guerilla war and it was down to the Commonwealth military to stop the fighting.
In 1969 problems occured between a politically dominant Malay and an econonmically dominant Chinese, resulting in riots in Kuala Lumpur. The parliamentary government was suspended in 1971, after alot of hard work, finally the Malayan government was reformed, with the United Malays National Organization was the only party left and it was run by Tunku Rahman. But still problems occured with the Chinese.

Malaysia City
Malaysia City
Malaysia City
Malaysia City
Malaysia CityBecause of its size, Iskandar — which covers Johor state’s capital Johor Bahru — will be developed in phases, with plans to improve rail, sea and air connections to Singapore and facilitate easier immigration clearance. Malaysia is offering generous incentives, including corporate and personal income tax perks, 100 percent foreign ownership of businesses and unrestricted hiring of foreign “knowledge” workers.

IRDA’s Ismail said investor concerns over crime in Malaysia were being addressed by a strong police presence, more guards, surveillance cameras and creative urban planning.

Investor response has been encouraging so far, and the first wave of projects aimed at spurring more investment are due for completion in the next 18 months.
Malaysia City
Malaysia CityBritain’s Newcastle University Medical School — one of six universities in Iskandar’s planned “educity” complex — will admit its first batch of students later this year. Other schools in the complex include the Netherlands’ Maritime Institute of Technology, England’s University of Southampton and Singapore’s Management Development Institute.

Legoland Malaysia — Asia’s first Lego theme park — is slated to open in the Medini sector in late 2012, next to a Legoland Hotel and a lifestyle retail mall.

A 300-bed and 150-suite Gleneagles Medini Hospital costing $156 million is also in the works.

Gleneagles is a popular private hospital in Singapore that caters to wealthy locals, expatriates and “medical tourists” who combine treatment with leisure

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